The Value of Gold is on the rise, and there is no suprise that Gold Hunting with Gold Detectors is too! 
Gold detectors are actually all-metal-detectors. This means they respond to all metals, be it gold, copper, lead, silver, nickel, iron etc. What qualifies them as 'gold' detectors is that gold generally is found in difficult ground-mineralization, so the metal detector must have the proper controls to deal with ground conditions that can be noisy, obscuring the detector's ability to 'see' gold nuggets in the ground. In order to neutralize this ground noise the gold detectors rely on ground balancing circuits, either auto tracking or manual ground balance. We recommend the Nokta Fors Gold+, Teknetics T2 Classic and Garrett AT Gold.

The other important factor is the frequency of the circuit. VLF detectors optimize to sense gold nuggets. They tend to operate at a higher frequency than a traditional coin metal detector, about 10kHz to 72kHz. Pulse induction detectors, particularly Garrett ATX super detectors, multi-pulse, sensing under 3 kHz, but have been designed to see fairly small gold nuggets in addition to the larger gold nuggets. Their strongest advantage is in their ability to virtually ignore most hot rocks that will challenge a high end VLF detector and render the ground very quiet.